Bloomin’ indigo summer

I can tell you where summer went: to work. Kim and I both added new jobs to our lives, and that left precious little time for our Sun-dye routine. But recently, we fired up a pot for a few personal projects.

Project one: The white linen dress
Kim’s new boss, Sarah from the luscious wee fabric store Lakes Makerie, asked for a dip. Linen is fickle, but after four dips, the color deepened into a hypnotic blue. A particularly fetching detail was the resistance of the internal cotton piping to shift. The result (lower left) resembles a morning glory.

Project 2: My big dumb sweater
A year ago, I bought this big dumb sweater jacket. Made of wool and white as a NoDak blizzard, it needed an intervention big time. I’m nuts about the minimalist color-blocking of Ellsworth Kelly, so I summoned the master and dyed a blob. Here I am, modeling it in the appropriately named Minneapolis boutique, Show and Tell,¬†another of Kim’s gigs.

Project 3: Bloomin’ bloomers
Only Kim would buy vintage bloomers, then decide to dye them. When I asked, “What on earth are you going to do with those?” she answered, “Wear them in winter!” Well, OK. I’d reach for Smartwool first, but that’s Kim for you.

Ho, Ho! Holiday Sale at the Textile Center
Five leather and one vegan leather jackets by mndigo will be featured in the show/sale. The Textile Center is the best place in town for any textile addict. We’re incredibly pleased to be in such fine company. Below are our featured goods.

Shout out to Kris Thayer for the stunning mndigo tags!

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